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Au Pair's requirements

Before deciding to become an Au Pair you must be sure you comply with the general requirements to enjoy this programme in the country you will choose, such requirements depending on the country.

The main general requirements to be fulfilled are the following:

  • Young people between 17 and 30 years old (this may change depending on the target country).

  • Be single and with no kids.

  • Be willing to enjoy a unique experience as an Au Pair during a time period running from one month to one year (it may be extended up to two years).

  • It is important for the Au Pair to have enough knowledge of the target language, so that she/he will be able to keep a conversation upon arrival, making her/his adaptation easier; in some countries a minimum language level is required.

  • Be responsible, honest and flexible, with adaptive and integration capacity, and open-minded.

  • She/he must like kids and be able to deal with them. Previous experience in working with and taking care of children will be very appreciated (babysitting services, camp, nursery, previous experience as an au pair, younger siblings...).

  • Have minimum experience in house tasks.

  • Be willing to attend language classes, since in some countries it may be mandatory as part of the Au Pair programme. 

  • Have completed, at least, the secondary school (depending on the country).

  • Be able to bear the journey expenses, since the programme assumes the Au Pair is responsible for moving to the host country.

  • Having a first aid certificate will be positively appreciated.

  • Be healthy; it may be necessary to submit a health certificate.

  • Have no criminal records; it may be necessary to submit a criminal records certificate.

The Au Pairs from any country within the European Union who wish to be part of the programme in another EU country shall require no visa, so the programme will be more flexible.

In the case the Au Pair shall require a visa for not being a European citizen, or in case the Au Pair is a European citizen and chooses a country not belonging to the European Union, she/he must take into account the following aspects:

  • She/he must comply with every requirement established by the target country embassy, which, depending both on the host country and on the Au Pair's residence country, may vary from country to country.

Therefore, and to confirm you are able to comply with these requirements, it is important that you get information in the target country's embassy in your country about what you need to request a visa.

  • Not having kids: most countries will not issue a visa to be an Au Pair if she/he has kids.


You may find information in the countries section on the general requirements necessary in each country to obtain a visa; however, from we advise you to request information in the embassy or consulate of the country you choose located in your country.