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Advantages of having an au pair at home

Welcoming an Au Pair into your home can have many advantages for your family, especially for your children.

They are young people who, usually, have finished their studies and decide to spend some time outside their home country before entering the working world. In this way they learn a new language and they integrate into a new society and a new culture while looking after some children and living with a family.

Among these advantages, we can underline the followings:

  • While the AuPair learns the new language, s/he can teach his/her mother tongue to the children. It is always an advantage that they start to master a language different from their own.
  • Beside the language, it’s positive that the Au Pair describes the history and the life in his/her country.
  • The children learn to socialize faster because they have to adapt to a new person, completely unknown for them.
  • They are motivated to be more independent each day.
  • Moreover, they learn to be less selfish because they are welcoming someone into their home. In this way they learn to share their things, their life and their spaces.
  • Not only the children have advantages. Also the parents can share their culinary habits with the Au Pair and exchange typical recipes of the home countries.
  • It’s a good opportunity for the family, while showing to the Au Pair the most important places of the city, to refresh their memory or return to some emblematic and touristic places they don’t visit often.
  • Of course, the major advantage for the parents is to have somebody who looks after their children while they are working or have other occupations.


In exchange for his/her service, the AuPair needs some basic things, like:

  • A weekly pay.
  • A room of his/her own.
  • A fixed working time. In case of additional services or working hours, s-/he needs to be economically rewarded and notified in advance.
  • S-/he is in a foreign country so s-/he will need some time to adapt and help in finding a school where s-/he can improve the language and find new friends.
  • Help with paper work, bank account or cell phone.