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For the purpose of avoiding fraud upon our users by third parties, recommends that you always follow, throughout the Au Pair search process, these guidelines:

  1. Never carry out a transfer or shipment of money abroad: families and au pairs must never request money before the commencement of the Au Pair programme. In order to avoid any risk of fraud, recommends that in case the family pay the Au Pair's flight ticket or any other expenses in advance, they should do it after the arrival of the Au Pair in the host family's house.

  2. Always check the addressee's identity, preferably in person: in case you receive e-mails requesting money from any kind of agency, lawyer, embassy, etc., with which you have executed no agreement on a previous basis, ignore them.

  3. Never send your password on the Internet: will never request your password through e-mail. Be extremely careful of false requests of password verifications, through which fraudsters may replace your identity on the web page.

  4. Never send information on your bank account through e-mail. Likewise, if you are required, through an e-mail, to provide any information on your address, ID or passport number, do not send such information if the e-mail comes from an unknown sender.

  5. Do not trust too generous offers: families offering an extremely high weekly pay and requesting that you send them money in advance, or Au Pairs who cannot pay their travelling expenses and ask the family for an advance, should avoid these situations and never send money.

  6. Do not trust messages received through Facebook or other social networks: many of such messages come from fraudsters. In any case, always verify their identity through a videoconference.

  7. Before executing an agreement, there should be at least a videoconference between the Au Pair and the host family: by means of this, apart from being able to get to know each other better, you will avoid fraud and be able to check the existence of the other person from whom you receive e-mails.

For more security and to avoid fraud in relation to the Au Pair's stay, we recommend our interpretation services and follow-up services provided by the team.