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Tips to work as an Aupair

1. Do you like children? It is the main requirement to work as an AuPair!

2. You have to take into account that the weather of your destination country may not be the same as the one of your home country. Get informed before packing your suitcases.

3. You should adapt yourself not only to a new language, but also to a new culture, new costumes and potentially to a new diet.

4. Agree with with your new family the amount of housework that you will have to carry out and the number of hours that you will work daily as an Aupair.

5. Regarding the previous point, you must know your schedules so that you are aware of your free time in the case that you are interested in joining a language academy in order to improve your language proficiency.

6. You may need to work some extra hours (babysitting). You should establish the price of those hours and the time in advance in the case that the families should ask you for it.

7. You can carry out as many interviews with the family through videoconference as you want and send as many emails as you feel necessary in order to have everything clear.

8. Try to set boundaries with regards to your space. You can use your free time as you wish. Living in the house does not mean that you have to take care of the children during your free time (that would count as extra hours).

9. You should have at hand the parent’s numbers and their offices' addresses in case of emergency (illnesses of the children, allergies, intolerances, etc.). Do not forget about children's health cards and their health centre's address.

10. You will have to adapt yourself to new schedules as an aupair. The family may not eat or sleep at the same hours that you are used to in your country.

11. Try to meet native speakers from the country you visit. If you only hang out with people who speak your mother tongue you may not learn as much.

12. You need to educate the children of whom you are taking care in a similar way as their parents. However, bear in mind that if the children’s parents are too permissive that should not be a reason for them to take advantage of you.

13. Before becoming an aupair, look for the exact place where you are going to stay: if you will live next to the city centre, you may want to check the public transport which you will need to take in order to go there.

14. Change your way of thinking: try not to constantly think about your home country, your friends or the weather back there.

15. It is a unique experience to enjoy. Get involved in the new costumes you encounter, discover the city, your surroundings, and try to make a lot of friends.


These are some pieces of advice that NeedAupair offer before you embark on this awesome adventure ahead of you.