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Become an Au Pair!

Currently, there are many different ways of learning languages; intensive courses, native exchanges (almost every city offers them), working abroad, participating in an Erasmus exchange, and so on. However, one very trendy option nowadays is choosing to work as an Au Pair.

What advantages does working as an Au Pair bring you?

  • Searching for a place to stay when you plan to work abroad is a real headache, however working as an Au Pair you will have your room waiting for you when you get there.

  • Regarding the integration in the new city, you won't have to worry about making new friends from the first day since your host family will help you integrating in your host country.

  • Even if the main conversations you will have will be with the children, working as an Au Pair will also give you the chance to meet new people when you take them to the park, to school, and so on.

  • It is said that one of the best ways to learn a language is through leisure activities such as sports. Don't miss the opportunity to join a collective sport club that you like in the new city!

  • Since you won't spend 100% of your time with the family, you can also take language classes in an academy in order to improve your language proficiency and even to get a certificate!

  • You will be free on the weekends, so you could take advantage of that to explore the area you live in. There will certainly be nice cities and towns around yours that are worth of visiting!

  • You will experience linguistic immersion in your new country, but also cultural immersion. You will have the possibility to know the way of life and the culture of a foreign country, including their customs and cuisine. You will also make loads of friends in your new country, a perfect excuse to go back!

How to start looking for a host family

Registering in NeedAupair is a simple way to find the host family that most suits your needs and also check if your profile is the one that families are searching for.

Among other things, you will be able to see what they are looking for, how many children they have and their ages, if there are animals in the house, their jobs and the tasks that you would have to carry out were you to become part of the family.

It is very important to have clear preferences, besides the area that suits you most. For example, if you'd prefer to live in the center of a big city or on the outskirts, surrounded by nature.

The first step is to fill out your profile and start searching for the family that could be yours in the coming months. Also, from this moment on, you will also be visible to them, which gives them the possibility to get in touch with you.


That is how simple it is to start a new life and a new job that will surely bring you many positive experiences, as much on a personal level as on a professional level, not to mention the leaps and bounds that your language skills will improve.


What are you waiting for then, become an Au Pair!