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The diary of an Au Pair


Let me introduce myself to all of you interested in the Au Pair world that will read the adventures of my new life, which began last week.

My name is Alicia, I’m Spanish and I’m an Au Pair. After finishing my studies I realized that in order to enter the work world you need a good level of English, so I decided to look for an experience as AuPair in London. It wasn’t easy: I never lived abroad before! Luckily, after various interviews with different families, I found one with whom I had lots in common: they liked sport; they enjoyed a healthy life, travelling and watching American series. Meeting them through the screen of my laptop while trying to speak my best English, they gave me the feeling that they would be the perfect help to integrate in a new country, a new culture and what I was most afraid of:  a new language.

After preparing all the necessary documents (European health card, valid passport…) I finally bought the ticket to my new life as AuPair, and today it’s a week I’ve been living in an attic bedroom in Paddington.

My first impression of the family? I can only say great things about them, they couldn’t welcome me any better:  they came to get me at the airport and they took me to eat in one of the fabulous Wetherspoon restaurant you can find all over the city. Arriving home, they prepared a cosy bedroom for me and they gave me all the things I needed to feel comfortable.

And what about the kids, you’re probably thinking? They couldn’t be more adorable and, even if at the beginning they were a little suspicious of the stranger living in their home, now they call me all the time to play with them.

They are all interested in my well-being and they’ve already told me to prepare a list of what I’d like to eat to be included in their weekly shopping list and they asked me if I had any allergies as to prevent any risk in the house.

Soon I will tell you more of my new adventure.

A kiss from London, I’ll keep you posted through NeedAuPair.