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Your daily life as an Au Pair will be mainly based on the fulfilment of your tasks and free time; for this experience to be as satisfactory as possible, we offer you some pieces of advice.

It is essential that you carry out the tasks established in the agreement executed with your host family and that you do so taking into account that a great part of such functions are related to childcare, which requires a great responsibility on our part and the best possible performance.

As regards childcare, you should first realise how important your job is and appreciate how lucky you are for being able to carry it out since from the first day you will realise how wonderful it is to deal with children, there being no day in which you learn something with them.

However, not all days will be wonderful and quiet, since they are kids and they will have tantrums, irritation, tiredness or in which they will be ill.

That is why you must undertake the importance of your work, acting many times as a mother, a nurse, a cook, a teacher, a friend, a professor, and many other things, so you will not have a single profession, you'll have thousands of them, but it is worth it.

Another task you'll have to carry out and which you may not like are the house tasks agreed upon with the host family under the Au Pair agreement; we remind you that such tasks must be daily tasks performed by any member in any family, never involving heavy tasks such as ironing the family's clothes, cleaning the entire house or bathrooms, etc. recommends that you make the most out of your free time during your stay since there are not so many opportunities to enjoy the advantages involved for an Au Pair as those involved in this Au Pair programme.

We offer you the following pieces of advice for you to enjoy as much as possible your stay during your free time:

  • Sign up for a language course, since apart from learning the language of your destination country, you will be able to make new friends.
  • Don't stay at home during your free time, look for friends in a language centre, carry out group activities, meet other Au Pairs living near your new home, with whom you may share your free time.  
  • Perform group activities, cultural tours, trips to other cities in your destination country, nightlife, etc.
  • Play some sport, it will allow you to disconnect from your daily tasks and keep in shape.
  • Discover the city and country, taking into account the security recommendations.
  • If the country's reality permits, apart from travelling to other cities in your destination country, try to visit neighbouring countries.
  • Enjoy and try the typical food of the country; you will discover new dishes that you may like.
  • Do some shopping if the destination country has typical or special products you cannot find in your own country or which are cheaper there, always being reasonable.