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The needs of an Au Pair

As we already know, welcoming an Au Pair into our home gives us many advantages, such as the possibility for the children to learn a new language and for the parents to exchange the history and the cuisine of the home countries. Nevertheless, apart from the advantages, if you are a family thinking about welcoming an Au Pair into your home, you need to consider also the needs of these young people. We’ll give you here a short list of the main things to keep in mind before beginning the programme:

  • A room with enough facilities to live in. You need to have a room where the au pair can feel at home and have his/her own intimacy. The person who will look after the children will live in your house but needs to have a place to stay in his/her free time.
  • Free time to get to know the city, attend a language school and go out with other people. Moreover, it’s important for the Au Pair to know beforehand his/her working hours to organize his/her time and activities. It’s normal that sometimes you suddenly need his/her help or some extra working hours which are not listed in the contract (babysitting), but the best thing is always tell him/her as in advance as possible.
  • S-/he will need help and understanding, especially the first days, since s-/he arrives in an unknown place. Surely, s-/he will thank you if you show him/her the city and the surroundings where s-/he will live and, if possible, if you introduce him/her to other people with whom s-/he could spend his/her free time.
  • Maybe s-/he hasn’t the same eating habits as you, therefore it’s always positive to get interested in his/her tastes and to try to buy food s-/he will like.
  • In most cases, it’s hard to express yourself in an unknown language. That’s why, it would be a great thing if you manage to take some time each day to talk with the Au Pair, asking him/her about his/her day, if s-/he has visited some new place… In this way, you will interest yourself in your children and help the aupair to improve the language.
  • You will need to help him/her to get a mobile phone, a bank account and a public transport card.


With a little understanding and empathy from everyone, everything will surely go smoothly and finally the Au Pair will be part of the family!