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Sometimes, packing the suitcase and undertaking an aupair programme in a foreign country and home calls for admirable will and courage. But when you consider the pros and the cons, you overcome the fear of the unknown and you end up buying a one-way ticket.

but… what does somebody ask before undertaking an au pair programme?

How do i choose the destination to work as aupair?

Whatever the case may be, before undertaking this trip, we already know beforehand which language we want to learn or improve. Therefore, we need to study in advance the countries where this language is spoken, how close they are from our home country, the main cities, airports, the economy, if there are touristic places to visit… From this point and through a careful research on the Internet, we will surely find the perfect place where to spend the upcoming months.

will i make friends while working as au pair?

The eternal doubt. Anyone always fears the moment when you arrive in a place and don’t know what to do with your free time. In this case, the most of your time will be occupied caring for the children, doing some activities with them at home and attending a language school but an aupair has some free time every day and on the weekends. No need to worry though! Nowadays, in the social networks there are groups specifically oriented to get to know people and meet up. Moreover, you always meet new people in the places you go with the children (extra-curriculum activities, school, park…) since it’s their aupairs who take them there.

How much in advance do i need to plan my trip?

More or less a month is enough, after having found a hosting family, to plan your trip. Even if sometimes the families require the immediate incorporation of the Aupair, the best is to have some time to make sure you have all the necessary to live abroad, that all the papers are all right and to not forget anything essential at home.

How many suitcases should i carry?

At the beginning, it is enough to carry a checked baggage allowance of 20 kgs in addition to the hand-baggage and a big handbag or backpack. Think about taking clothes of the season you’re in or, even better, according to the weather of your destination country. Later on, your family can send you a box with more clothes, food or anything you need or difficult to find in your new country. Moreover, it is possible that you go back home frequently to visit your family, so you can take advantage of these trips to carry an empty suitcase you can fill.

Do i have to save much money to work as au pair?

It’s always good to have some savings, apart from what you will need to buy the ticket to your destination country. Your hosting family will pay you each week, or each month, but in the meanwhile you need to have some cash in case any problem may arise.


If you have any doubts or questions you want us to answer, you can leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to include it.