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Once you have executed an agreement with the host family, you must gather every document required to be sent to the host family and embassies (in case a visa is necessary), obtain your European health card or private health insurance, buy your flight tickets and, finally, prepare your suitcase, so provides you with a general summary and pieces of advice on the procedure you must follow.

Documents, among others, that may be required by the host family or embassy:

  • Agreement and letter of invitation executed by the host family.

  • Valid ID and passport, as well as driving license, if any, and a copy of these documents.

  • Health certificate released by a certified doctor indicating that you are healthy.

  • Criminal record certificate issued by the competent authority in your country.

  • Studies' and languages' degrees or certificates.

  • References, in case you have taken care of children previously.

  • Personal reference letter.

  • Passport-sized photographies.

  • Health insurance, either through the European health card or a private health insurance company.

  • In case a student visa is required, evidence of signing up for a language course, university, etc.

  • In some countries it is necessary to obtain a residence or work permit in order to obtain a visa.

In case you must request a visa, the time between the request and its issuance may vary depending on the country, from one to four months, that is why recommends that you contact the embassy of your destination country located in your country to obtain further information on procedures and conditions to obtain a visa.

Once you have executed an agreement with the host family, have made sure you can obtain every document required by the host family, and have obtained, if applicable, a visa by the embassy of the destination country, then it is time for you to buy your flight tickets (means of transport usually used to travel to your destination country).

We recommend that you do not buy your flight tickets, if you need to obtain a visa, until such visa has been issued, because although the sooner you buy your ticket the cheaper it will be, you run the risk that the visa will not be issued and you will lose the money spent on the ticket. Likewise, recommends that, unless you and the host family have determined a return date or unless you will go back to your country for holidays, you don´t buy the return ticket.

In addition to the foregoing procedures, recommends that, for greater security reasons, you have some Emergency Savings. The main purpose of this fund is that, in case of unexpected events in your destination country, whether due to differences with the host family, you have the possibility of staying in a hotel until you find a new host family or buying a return ticket.

For more security and to avoid fraud in relation to the Au Pair's stay, we recommend our interpretation services and follow-up servicesprovided by the team.