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Draw Ryanair Gift Vouchers First Five Hundred Au Pair Subscribers

To all the Au Pairs,

First of all we’d like to thank all the Au Pairs that have subscribed to NeedAuPair during the last month for their trust and we’re happy to announce that on Thursday 7th July 2016 we have reached the first five hundred Au Pair subscriptions. Therefore, on Monday 11th July we have proceeded to the draw of the 10 Ryanair gift vouchers, each one amounting to 100€, and the winners are:

  1. Mayte Rodriguez
  2. Emma Vaquero
  3. Daisy Smith
  4. Alice Rossi
  5. Violet Wyett
  6. Griet Hanken
  7. Alma Fernan Suarez
  8. Holly Huke
  9. Effi Basse
  10. Martin Sheffield

All the winners will receive an email of data confirmation so that the Ryanair gift vouchers can be emitted to their name. We inform all the users who did not win that soon we will launch a new contest and new offers.

Finally, we’d like to remind you the main pieces of advice to live the happiest Au Pair experience:

·         First of all, define the purpose of your stay in the Au Pair programme, since depending on whether your purpose is to learn a language, discover a new culture or simply live this experience, you should filter your search by the family's country, family's nationality or the kind of destination of your family.  

·         Do not rush; before choosing your family, you should compare it at least with three other families.

·         Make sure that the area where the family lives matches your tastes and needs, so that your stay will be as happy as possible.

  • Once you have found your host family, it is highly recommendable to contact them either by personalised emails, online chat or videoconferences as well as including interpretation services and the follow-up service to your account, which will help you during all the searching process and the development of the Au Pair program.
  • Carry out at least a videoconference with the family and ask as many questions as you want. If after the videoconference you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask them through e-mail or through a new videoconference.
  • recommends that you always make your decision according to your criteria and the “feeling” you have perceived in the videoconferences with your potential family, other factors having less importance (which does not mean that they shouldn't be considered), such as the area where the family lives or the weekly pay you will receive.
  • Never carry out a transfer or shipment of money abroad: families and Au Pairs must never ask for money before the beginning of the Au Pair programme. In order to avoid any risk of fraud, recommends that in case the family pays the Au Pair's flight ticket or any other expenses in advance, this should be done after arrival of the Au Pair in the host family's house.
  • Do not trust too generous offers: families offering an extremely high weekly pay and requesting that you send them money in advance or Au Pairs who cannot pay their travelling expenses and ask the family for an advance, these situations should be avoided and never send money.


Welcome to NeedAuPair; we wish you a happy Au Pair experience!

NeedAuPair Team