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Family Elena F.
Selvazzano Dentro
Father´s Nationality
Mother´s Nationality
Parents age
Start date
May 15 of 2018
9 months -1 year
Last session
1 week ago
Contact information

Family Elena F.
Family Elena F., Selvazzano Dentro
Italy, Selvazzano Dentro
Family Elena F., Selvazzano Dentro

other data

personal information
Single parent: No, our family has two parents
Father Occupation: Other
Mother Occupation: Project manager
Number of people living in the house: 3
Family language: Italian
Children: 1
- Girl of 2-5 years
Domestic help: Yes
We had previously AuPair: No
Family dietary requirements : No
Religion: Catholic and it is not important for me
Area of residence: Suburb
Property type: Flat
Number of rooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 2
Garden: No
Swimming pool: No

Information about the position
Job needed: Au Pair
Hours needed: 15-30
Weekly pay: 60 EUR
Job Position:
Preferred sex Au Pair: Female
Language you need: English, Italian
Experience required: Media (100-500 hours)
Required age range: 23 - 30
There are children with special needs: No
Smoking is allowed: No
It is necessary to take care of pets: Yes
Swimmers only: No
You need cycling: Yes
You need to know first aid: No
It is necessary to drive: Essential
You can attend language courses: Yes

Cover letter

Hello! I´am Elena
Hallo dear au pair.
We are a super welcoming family of 3: Mamma Elena (40 yo), Papà Marco (43) e Rita (she'll turn 4 by the next July).
I'm an e-commerce project manager, daddy is a technical employee in Siemens and Rita is attending the kindergarden.

There are also Bruno and Kali, 2 lovely cats: Bruno is the older one, Kali is a lovely blind kitten rescued from the street).

We are a family based on kindness, dialogue and respect, (and having fun all together!) and we are growing Rita following the educational model called attachment parenting: we would like to invite you to join our family, to help us taking care of Rita when we are at work, but also to share our culture with people coming from other Countries: we think it will be a great experience for all of us and a grat teaching for Rita.

We are now living in Padua, in a nice and pretty big house surrounded by a lovely park, 10 minute from the city center.
BUT, as I'm going to start a new job, we are going to relocate soon in some small town near Como.
I'm goin to start this new experience by April and we are expecting to find a new home (and to decide where exactly to live: there are a lot of small little towns surrounding Como) and to relocate by the end of June 2018.
I'll update this profile with photos of the new home as soon as possible!

We are searching for a house with a 3 rooms (so that you'll have your own room) and at least 2 batrhoom, but I'm not able to share any image yet. We are beauty lovers, so I'm pretty sure that the new home will match your expectations!

In a normal daily routine, Rita is attending the kindergarden from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Me and her daddy are working basically from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.
The kindergarden is close during the summer (in July and Agoust) so we are looking for an aupair to stay with Rita fulltime during the 2 summer months, while we are at work, but just a few hours in the afternoon, during the rest of the year, bringing her home from the kindergarden till when we are back home.

I was born in Jesolo, a small town on the sea, near Venice, and I have a home there, just 3 km from the sea. We are used to spend a lot of weekends having fun on the beach. My brother is also running an amazing beach bar (search for "La Capannina Beach - Jesolo) and we were always on the beach in front of his bar. We are expecting to spend some days there, this summer too, but we have to better understand how my new job fits with our "typical summer", before doing any plan.
without any doubt, we will spend a few days at sea and a few days of vacation around, and you will be more than welcome!

We are expecting you to take care of Rita, to have fun with her and to follow the basic guidelines of our educational style: children are people, just like an adult, they only need to be helped to deal with situations, through words and gestures suited to their age, and that no one is lacking in respect for them.

We are not looking for a cleaner (we have an housecleaner now, and we will have a new hosecleaner in the new home as well) but we would like just a little help with light tidying up (cooking specially, taking care of the dishwasher and cleaning the cats' litter) and even just clearing up after yourself also.

When Rita is at kindergarden (except for July and August, and except when she falls sick) you'll have a lot of free time to attend italian course or to spend it as you prefer.

You will be free to stay with us during the week-end (Saturdays and sundays will be always free), vacation, etc…. or spend your free time on your own/your friends. We're really flexible about the schedule therefore you'll be able to organize your own free days, just after having completed the relocation :)
Just, please, don't invite your friend while you are with Rita.

We will discover day by day the best way to manage all:
we just want to be sure that you'll feel free to share your thoughts.
Or better: we want you to know that you are expected to share your doubts, complaining and any other important things and feelings, because there are no solutions and no mutual understanding without dialogue!

We are very flexible and it will be very appreciated if you can be flexible too!

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