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Family lital b.
Father´s Nationality
British / English
Mother´s Nationality
British / English
Parents age
Start date
September 30 of 2016
more than 1 year
Last session
1 year ago
Contact information

Family lital b.
Family lital b., London
UK, London
Family lital b., London

other data

personal information
Single parent: No, our family has two parents
Father Occupation: N.A.
Mother Occupation: N.A.
Number of people living in the house: 4
Family language: English
Children: 2
- Boy of 5-10 years
- Girl of 2-5 years
Domestic help: No
We had previously AuPair: No
Family dietary requirements : No
Religion: Jewish and it is not important for me
Area of residence: Big city
Property type: Single family Home
Number of rooms: 5
Number of bathrooms: 2
Garden: Yes
Swimming pool: No

Information about the position
Job needed: Au Pair
Hours needed: 30-40
Weekly pay: 100 GBP
Job Position: Full season Au Pair
Preferred sex Au Pair: Female
Language you need: English
Experience required: High (500 - 1000 hours)
Required age range: 21 - 30
There are children with special needs: No
Smoking is allowed: No
It is necessary to take care of pets: No
Swimmers only: Yes
You need cycling: No
You need to know first aid: No
It is necessary to drive: Not necessary
You can attend language courses: No

Cover letter

Hello! I´am lital

Dear au-pair,

We are a family of 4, we have two kids aged 5 and 4 years old and we are expecting a baby in Dec. We speak two languages at home English and Hebrew. We believe in openness, fairness and genuineness. We love music and dancing, cooking, cultures and languages and positive aspect of life. We love to laugh and make the most out of every moment.

We are looking for a friendly, honest, warm, creative, positive, clean and lively girl to fit in with our family. Someone who takes initiative and can demonstrate responsibility and ability with a smile. We have holiday scheduled abroad in April and in July and we would like our au pair to join us. You must know how to swim properly.

If you worked with kids before you should know that every day can be a bit different. Some days our children have friends to play so don’t need us around to play with. Other days they have after school club/class hence going to be back home at a later time enough to have dinner and straight to bath and bed. We therefore need someone who can be FLEXIBLE especially also because time of work will change a bit with the arrival of our new born.

We live in a large and warm house on three floors located in NW London. We have a huge garden very green and tropical (in the summer!). We live 15 mins walk from the tube station and near few bus stops. We are 10 mins walk from the high street where you will be able to find everything you need for your day to day living, and 5 minutes walk from a lovely big park. We also live relatively near to Brent Cross Shopping center (25 mins walk!).

Your room will be located on the second floor where all our bedrooms located and will include a single bed, arm chair, a large and modern drawers unit, TV and DVD player, wardrobe and Large windows so very bright room and curtains to sleep well at night. You will share a bathroom with the kids. We have a strong Wifi which we are very happy for you to use.

We are dynamic, chilled but energetic family. We love to host and have fun. We love our children to be happy and playful. We encourage creativity and thinking outside the box. We are very positive and appreciate life.

We are looking for a long-term live-in au pair not just as a help and support but also to become a part of our family. You MUST have good experience with young children and new born babies and readiness for the different challenges that come with looking after children. We look for a lively girl with a positive attitude, willingness to learn and work, and energetic spirit. We love to travel when we can and we would love our au-pair to join us when relevant. We consider ourselves to be flexible hence we expect our au-pair to be flexible when this become needed.

Below is an idea of our weekly plan and few general guidelines although this isn't set in stone. I will go through everything with you in details until you are comfortable with your understanding and I will support you up until when you are ready to do things on your own.

Weekly plan

Monday, Tue, Wed, Thurs – (total of 6.5hrs a day)

7:00am - 09:30am (2.5hrs)
Help with getting the kids ready for school (brushing teeth and getting dressed) and serve them breakfast. During this time I will be with you but then leave at 07:30 to drop the kids to school. At this time I expect you tidy up the kitchen and the bedrooms + carry on some light housework up until 09:30 (please refer to list at the bottom bearing in mind this will change every day)

16:00- 20:00 (4hrs)
Help needed with children activities (reading with them, playing etc.), serving dinner to the kids bathing them and getting them ready for bed. A lot of the times kids have play dates hence do not need you around to play but to be responsible and available. Other times they have after school classes so they are back home around 5pm.

***Once you are ready I might ask you to pick up either children or both of them from their school/nursery and come back home by bus.

***Please note that Mondays morning is the time my cleaner Lory comes to do deep cleaning in the house. This is the day you should also deep clean your OWN bedroom.

Friday- (6hrs total)
07:00 to 09:00 (2hrs)
Same help with the kids before school and tidy up around the house when we leave for school.

15:00-19:00 (4hrs)
I will be around with you but will need your help with: the kids, tidy up the kitchen and make table ready for Friday night dinner. We would love you to join us for our Friday night dinners and if so please also help clearing up together when we all finish.

Sat- (3hrs total)
08:00- 11:00 (3hrs)
Tidy up kitchen until kids wake up, make sure they brushed their teeth etc. then serve them breakfast and play until we come down at about 11am. Rest of the day is off for you.
***Please be mindful of possible babysitting nights

Sun- day off
***please be mindful of possible babysitting nights

TOTAL OF APPROXIMATELY 30-40 HOURS A WEEK (NOT INCLUDING 2/3 BABYSITTING NIGHTS) once again this is very flexible position and payment can be discussed and explained during interview as it will be raised when more hours will be needed.

What “light household” may include?
Please note, my cleaner will come once a week to do the deep cleaning around the house, but otherwise in your specified time above when not looking after the children you will do some of the below:
• Putting laundry wash on/hang/fold and put in place
• Changing bed sheet
• Ironing (we do not iron bed sheet only certain few clothes)
• Hoover floor or sweeping when needed
• Mopping (wash floor) when needed
• Tidy up toys etc and surface cleaning of different areas
• Washing dishes, Load and empty dishwasher
• Empty bins and put new bags in. Also put bins out on the street every Sunday evening/night when you come back home

Thank you

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