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Family Outi K.
Mother´s Nationality
Parents age
Start date
January 7 of 2017
9 months -1 year
Last session
1 year ago
Contact information

Family Outi K.
Family Outi K., Kirkkonummi
Finland, Kirkkonummi
Family Outi K., Kirkkonummi

other data

personal information
Single parent: Yes, I am single mother
Father Occupation: N.A.
Mother Occupation: Marketing
Number of people living in the house: 4
Family language: Finnish
Domestic help: No
We had previously AuPair: Yes
Family dietary requirements : No
Religion: Protestant and it is not important for me
Area of residence: Town
Property type: Single family Home
Number of rooms: +6
Number of bathrooms: 3
Garden: Yes
Swimming pool: No

Information about the position
Job needed: Au Pair
Hours needed: 0-15
Weekly pay: 70 EUR
Job Position:
Preferred sex Au Pair: Female
Language you need: It doesn't matter
Experience required: Media (100-500 hours)
Required age range: 19 - 40
There are children with special needs: No
Smoking is allowed: No
It is necessary to take care of pets: Yes
Swimmers only: No
You need cycling: No
You need to know first aid: No
It is necessary to drive: Essential
You can attend language courses: Yes

Cover letter

Hello! I´am Outi
I'm a single mom with three lovely children; two girls and a boy. We live in a small town called Kirkkonummi, half an hour drive (by car, bus or train) from our country capital Helsinki. Kirkkonummi is very peaceful and safe place, and from where we live everything is within walking distance (town centre, schools, shops, swimming hall, library, ice rink, bus and train stations etc).
We live in a big, modern house with a fairly large garden. In our house you will have a room of your own with a tv and internet connection. We also have two cars in our household, so you are able to use a car when needed with children.
We have had au pairs since summer 2013 so the kids are already comfortable with an au pair living with us, and used to hearing different languages at home.

About us
I'm a single mom with three lovely children, two girls aged 11 and 10 years, and a boy aged 6 years. My daughters spend their days at school, and my son goes to pre-school from 8 to 16 on weekdays. The kids are very sweet and adorable, but also messy and noisy as kids are :-) We like to spend time time outdoors whenever the weather allows us to. Girls also go to their hobbies; riding ponies, dancing and football. We also have two cats at our house. 
Kids speak only Finnish (girls are learning english at school, and the oldest one is learning german and the younger girl just started swedish). Usually you need to manage the kids on your own, that's why we would like you to know at least some basics of Finnish language.

In our family you will have almost all mornings and also most of the daytime free. On usual weekdays you are needed at home for few hours in the afternoons when the girls arrive from school; to give them some snack to eat and take care that they do their homework. And then on some days again a few hours in the evening while I drive girls to their hobbies or go to my second job (i will be working 0-3 evenings in a week inc. weekends). Due to the busy schedule I also need you to make dinner couple of times in a week.

On some weeks I might have to be away for one night. Then you are needed to pick up my son from the daycare, make dinner and also put kids to bed. A few times in a year I'm on a trip for 3-9 days, during that time you will responsible for the whole household as well as the kids.

This is a job where some weeks you will have only total of few hours to work on the whole week, and other weeks you will be needed a lot. So you need to be very flexible with your working hours, and be comfortable with sometimes having almost no work at all, and sometimes a lot.

On the other hand my work is quite flexible, and i have twice as much holidays that working people in Finland usually do, so if you need a day or two off that can usually always be arranged. So flexibility goes both ways :-)

I also need you to do household duties; cleaning the house will be your responsibility. That means cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes daily, putting things into their right places, wiping floors or a dirty spot if you see one, vacuuming the whole house, cleaning the bathrooms and toilets etc. So basically you will be taking care of the overall cleanliness of the house, so that we always have a nice and clean home.

You will have paid holidays; one or two totally free weekends in every month. And you will also have two totally free weeks in a summertime (if you stay with us for the whole summer). Those times are dependent on the dates when kids are going to their father. Also a week around Christmas-time is free for you to visit your family. 

We welcome you to be a part of our family and take part in everything we do and where we go, if you wish to. Even tough this is a "work" for you, this is also being a part of our family and you will be treated as a family member :-)

We would be happy if you could start at the January 2017, and stay with us at for a full year. To avoid extra paperwork we can only accept an au pair from another eu-country, or an au pair who already has a residence permit to Finland of who is willing to arrange it herself.

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