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Family Terje V.
Father´s Nationality
Mother´s Nationality
Parents age
Start date
February 20 of 2017
5-8 months
Last session
1 year ago
Contact information

Family Terje V.
Family Terje V., Ibrag
Malta, Ibrag
Family Terje V., Ibrag

other data

personal information
Single parent: No, our family has two parents
Father Occupation: Management staff
Mother Occupation: Other
Number of people living in the house: 5
Family language: Finnish
Children: 3
- Girl of 0-2 years
- Girl of 2-5 years
- Boy of +10 years
Domestic help: No
We had previously AuPair: Yes
Family dietary requirements : No
Religion: Catholic and it is not important for me
Area of residence: Town
Property type: Flat
Number of rooms: 4
Number of bathrooms: 2
Garden: No
Swimming pool: No

Information about the position
Job needed: Au Pair
Hours needed: 30-40
Weekly pay: 80 EUR
Job Position: Demi Au Pair full season
Preferred sex Au Pair: Female
Language you need: English
Experience required: Without experience
Required age range: 18 - 26
There are children with special needs: No
Smoking is allowed: Yes
It is necessary to take care of pets: No
Swimmers only: No
You need cycling: No
You need to know first aid: No
It is necessary to drive: Essential
You can attend language courses: No

Cover letter

Hello! I´am Terje
Dear Au pair
We are looking for a devoted au pair to look after our 3 lovely kids and help around the house. We need someone who is responsible, flexible, well organised, caring, positive and loves to spend time with children. We will offer you a nice, warm family with lots of activities and hopefully good memories. We are not looking for a party person out every weekend and want the au pair to be a positive person who enjoys playing with the children. Work will mainly be Monday to Friday approximately 40-45 hours. At the weekends the possibility of some hours. Some outings can occur. We would like you to start work from the beginning of March or the latest the middle of March 2017 and we want you to stay until August (maybe for a longer period).

About us
My names is Terje (32) and my husband´s name is Mika (33). We are a family of five. The kids are 1,5; 3,5 and the eldest will be 11 when you start as an au pair with us. Right now I´m a full time mum, but I would like go back to work in March. Most of our free time is spent together. We are a bilingual family. Our home languages are Estonian and Finnish and one of our aims is to improve our English. We would like a native speaker of English.

We live in Swieqi. It´s situated in very central part of Malta. Swieqi is a small town very close to St. Julians and Sliema. Both are nowadays considered as tourists areas.

We have now been living here 1,5 years. So far we have liked it. It´s a small island, but there is a lot to do and see here.

We haven't had an au pair before but we are excited about someone who the kids can get to know and have fun with. My sister moved here with us and has helped us with the kids and around the house so far, but she started working here recently and moved together with her friend. So we are really looking forward to getting to know a new person.

We are quite a busy family. Hobbies, school and work make our lives active. We also like spending time at home with cooking, playing, meeting friends, playing boardgames and watching films together. We are an easygoing and quite flexible family. We also expect you to be flexible.

Our oldest child is our only boy. His name is Toni. He is almost 11 and he doesn´t need so much help. Sometimes he need some help with homework. Toni is crazy about football - he supports Baiern Munich. He attends our local football club training three times a week. He also loves swimming.

Our oldest girl is three. Her name is Emma. She started kindergarten last autumn. So she attends the same school as Toni. They both finish school around two o´clock. School is about 1 km from our home. Emma is very girly. She likes dancing, singing, dressing up and all others girls stuff. She is very active too and she likes to be outside.

Our family´s youngest child´s name is Mia. She turned one on 28th of October. She is a very easy and happy baby.


We will need somebody to be with our kids when we are working. In the mornings we can get the kids ready by ourselves and take them to school. So you stay at home with the smallest one. The older kids finish school around two. So we will need you to pick them up each day from kindergarten/school (same building). They will need to be fed lunch and sometimes dinner too. Priorities are taking care of the two younger children (Mia all day and Emma in the afternoons) and sometimes helping Toni with his homework. Mika returns home from work around 5:30pm and I will be working shifts, so I will be working every day at different times. Sometimes I´m at home on weekdays too, then I can take care of the kids and homework too. Sometimes we need some help with the kids also in the evenings and about twice a month night babysitting. With the exception of this babysitting in the evening, the rest of the weekend will be your own time.

We would like the au pair to help us also with cooking. We don´t expect you to cook everyday, but maybe a few times a week.

We expect you to help us tidying the flat and a little bit of cleaning and light house work like hoovering and keeping the place tidy, laundry and sometimes little shopping for groceries.

Your working hours would usually fall between 8 a.m and 5.30 p.m., but not the whole time in between. Starting time depends what time Mia wakes up and what time I leave. Usually our kids don´t wake up too early. The older kids and my husband usually leave from home around 8 a.m.

You have to be trustworthy and enjoy working and spending time with children. It takes commitment and time to build a firm relationship with the three children. It is not only about being a big sister to them, but taking the position of an adult and carrying the responsibilities too. Sometimes it means saying no to the kids, being a role model and helping them in taking part in the household duties. Don't be afraid, our kids are well-behaved, even though they are lively.

We hope you are honest, open minded and you have a positive attitude. You should also have some experience with children. We are looking for someone who is ready to adjust to our lifestyle, but hopefully also bring something new to us from your own culture and background. We will do our best to help you have a great experience with us! You would be an appreciated addition to our family. Please be in contact if you think we could make a match!

80 €/week
Flight tickets (twice a year)
Bus card
SIM-card for local phone calls
Own room
Food (all-inclusive)

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