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Family Federica U.
Father´s Nationality
Mother´s Nationality
Parents age
Start date
April 4 of 2017
1-4 months
Last session
7 months ago
Contact information

Family Federica U.
Family Federica U., Biella
Italy, Biella
Family Federica U., Biella

other data

personal information
Single parent: No, our family has two parents
Father Occupation: Sales Manager
Mother Occupation: Marketing
Number of people living in the house: 5
Family language: Italian
Children: 3
- Boy of +10 years
- Boy of +10 years
- Boy of 5-10 years
Domestic help: No
We had previously AuPair: Yes
Family dietary requirements : No
Religion: Catholic and it is important for me
Area of residence: Other
Property type: Flat
Number of rooms: +6
Number of bathrooms: 2
Garden: Yes
Swimming pool: No

Information about the position
Job needed: Au Pair
Hours needed: 0-15
Weekly pay: 40 EUR
Job Position: Demi Au Pair full season, Other
Preferred sex Au Pair: Female
Language you need: English, French, Spanish
Experience required: Without experience
Required age range: 18 - 23
There are children with special needs: No
Smoking is allowed: No
It is necessary to take care of pets: No
Swimmers only: No
You need cycling: No
You need to know first aid: No
It is necessary to drive: Not necessary
You can attend language courses: Yes

Cover letter

Hello! I´am Federica
Hello, I’m looking for a enghish/french/spanish mother tongue or a person speaking very very good English/French.
I'm Federica and I send you a very long presentation of my family....
I’m looking au pair from the 11th of April (maximum end of April) until the middle of June. I'm looking au pair speaking English or French or Spanish. I don't like au pair who spend too much time with their phone or watching television and computer. I wish to host an active person who likes to live outdoors.
Let me know if you are interested in and what are your availability.
Since April 2013 we host au pairs, without interruption. Every 3 months or so, a new au pair comes. We have always enjoyed.
We have adopted this solution to bring our children to the English/French/Spanish language and we are very pleased with the results: now the boys understand quite well and can speak a quite good English and a little French. We would like the children learn Spanish too.
We hosted Rebecca from Canada, Adeline from England, Madeleine from California, Laura from Usa, now Katie from Usa too, Emmi from Finland, Catherine ed Eloise from Australia,
Rylee from Canada too, another time Emmi from Finland, Steeven from France, Daniel from Suisse, Alexis from France, Tia from England, Matthew from Usa….

We seek a very sporty girl/boy because we are a sportly family, smiling and lively, who chooses to come to us with a conscience and knowing what mean to be an au pair.
My children speak quite good English, but they need help to improve; they don’t speak French or Spanish but they began studying French at school and they understand a little…
1) Mainly we want our children improve they English/French/Spanish with a daily lessons and conversations while you play together and spend time together, as an older sister/brother.
a. So, speak only English/French/Spanish with the children
b. take any opportunity whatsoever of speaking to them and with them and to make them talk as much as they can. This might mean, if your are not a very talkative person, putting in a little extra effort by asking them questions, or else by telling them anything that might be suitable (something that happened to you during the day, something funny you saw, things you did as a child ecc…). The bottom line or the main idea here is: talking, talking, talking!
c. gently correct them when they make mistakes. We say this as we have noticed that many mother-tongue speakers just let the children’s mistakes pass by over and over to the point that they do not realize they are, in fact, wrong. Please don’t be shy to repeat the correct version if one of them says, for example, “yesterday she camed with a new jacket”. Do it always, in a casual way. This is what parents do spontaneously with small children and this is how human beings learn language: immersion, repetition, correction, interaction.
d. read to them or with them help them with their English homework and – since it is often too easy for them what they do in school – take the opportunity to ask a few more questions on each item (i.e. after they read the book assigned at school, question them so to understand whether they have understood the story)
e. play & chat with them (you can both propose games you like or just get involved in theirs), draw with them and engage them in anything that you remember have enjoyed as a child
2) Secondly, we want to share with you your experiences and your culture and therefore if you are proactive, very good!
3) Third, we will not ask you to do strenuous work but only cooperate under normal household chores, as we all already always do. Also help us to take and bring the kids, but Biella is a small town and will not be a stressful task (many trips are made on foot in the center). We want a sister/brother for our children, not a maid!
• Please have no stranger entering our house in our absence. We do not want anybody entering the house at all times if we are not there.
• We normally do not expect you to perform any housework (apart from duties related to the children). However, we expect you to keep your room and bathroom tidy, leave kitchen tidy and clean if you use it or cooperate with us for day to day activities when needed, such as helping to set the table for dinner or lunch, just as a member of the family.
• Please take care of switching off lights/air conditioned when you’re not in a room. Electricity is very expensive in Italy

Usually, during the year, we live in Biella a small town of about 50,000 inhabitants, in Piemont, in north of Italy, very quiet and with little crime. We live in the center and you can go almost anywhere in the city on foot, without driving. Biella is a very quiet town that is not affected by the large current tension linked to risk attacks: there is underground, there is a large train station, there is no airport and there are places of great concentration of people. Biella at the foot of the Alps, at 400 meters above sea level. Biella, a city surrounded by greenery and our home in 2 minutes walk you are in the woods, the mountains are very close and even the countryside. In the city there are supermarkets, shopping malls, shops, cinema, theater. We live right next to the pedestrian area where there are major shopping. Milan and Turin are about 1 hour from Biella and are also connected by trains (although in this case the time to reach the city is longer but of course you can visit them day trip from home). Milan is 120 km and 80 km Turin. The nearest airports are Milan Malpensa, Turin Caselle, Milan Linate. Even Milan Orio al Serio is not far. All these airports are fine.
For information, see the websites:;
My name is Federica and I’m licensing manager in a fashion company, my husband Federico works as commercial in a software company. We speak fluently English but we really want a person who speaks only English or other language (but not Italian) to force all of us to improve foreign languages. Au pairing is not so popular in Biella because Biella is a small town but I have some friends who hosted au pair. At today in Biella lives approximately 10 au pairs from everywhere. From 2013 we hosted au pair from Usa, Australia, Canada, England, Finland, France…and if you want to have a contact with them, I can give you their email.. We liked this experience: my children are fans. We think it's a very useful experience.
I am 46 years old and my husband 44; Guglielmo has almost 13 years, Achille 11 years and Annibale 9 years. The children are good and polite, bright as all the men in this age but very responsible.
The children are lively and curious, they are not shy and very cheerful. They are well educated and are not spiteful or violent. They walking distance of age between them and then play a lot together, are not jealous, not fight and they fight each other, even if continually discuss during their games ...
They are used to being with people, with other children and with adults (who attended the nursery since small). Love to read, play with blocks and puzzles and do not need that adults play with them. We would like to organize with you a work program that will work for everyone, our goal is that our children learn English or other languages. We are a sportly family and we love live outdoors. In fact, the children are competitive on inline skating. The whole family swims, skiing, climbing, trekking and walking on the mountains ... Some afternoons of the week the children do sports. In winter, we go skiing every Sunday. Our sky destination is always the Valle d'Aosta, which is 1 hour drive from our house. We have a big tent and in the summer we do camping holidays.
We want a person neat, very clean and tidy, and collaborative in the management of the house. We need a person to help us in the management of children who speaks English/French to our children and teach them the language. We do not need a particular run of the house or children who are autonomous and independent in bathing, dressing, ordered things and their room. The au pair have to cooperate in the daily management of the house, like all of us, and of course: tidy the room and the personal things yourself, but you will not have tasks such as washing or ironing. In our house everyone, adults and children, all together we work setting the table and clearing the table, cooking and tidying up the kitchen, putting dishes and glasses in the dishwasher... Obviously, the au pair must encourage children to do their own things, order the room, the toys, the clothes, put on her pajamas and brush your teeth before going to the bed.
We want a person who speaks English/French/Spanish and teach English/French/Spanish to our children with us and spend our free time, like an older sister. We really would like you to become a member of the family, an older sister to my children. Your task would be to spend time with the kids and with us, during daily activities, speaking in English/French and stimulating their (and our) understanding of a foreign language. Mainly we want our children to become more and more familiar with English/French, and therefore we would like you to play and talk with them, like an older sister/brother. We want to share with you your experiences and your culture and therefore if you are proactive, very good! At the end, we will not ask you to do strenuous work but only cooperate under normal household chores, as we all already always do. Also help us to take and bring the kids, but Biella is a small town and will not be a stressful task (many trips are made on foot in the center). So, it is not necessary to drive. Every day, at lunch, you have to cook for children and you have to stay with the kids when they are at home, on holiday or sick. It is not necessary that you have a special responsibility with children: children are educated and intelligent, obedient and responsible. Of course, when they are with you, you will have the role to guide them and, I am sure, will respond with care and education.
The week takes place as follows: we adults work full time and the kids are in school. In the afternoon and at the week end the children do a lot of sports, every day, from 5 pm. You don't have to drive because we leave near to the school and to the sports center.
Here the Au Pair's JOB:
- breakfast with the children at 7 am
- to go to the school with the children at 7,55 am (5 minutes on walk)
- to pick up them from school at 12,30 or 1 pm
- cook and have lunch with the children every day
- to go to the school with the children at 1,50 am for 2 days or 3 days
- to pick up them from school at 4pm
- to stay with the children when they don't have school and play together, help they to do homework,
- to be available 2 evening a week
- to stay with the children on Saturday when they have a lot of free time (you have 1 free day for you, on Sunday)
- maximum flexibility in plugging of any emergencies (grippe, strikes, closures extraordinary school and stuff like that).
At dinner, we cook and eat together and we stay all together for the evening. Saturday and Sunday we will spend a lot of time together, even all day to entertain the children and talk to them. Rarely we go out in the evening and more often we invite friends at home for dinner, especially on weekends. Mainly we hang out with friends who have children the age of our children.
Here Au pair's FREE TIME:
- one day a week (Sunday normally)
- every day when the children are at school
- 5 evening in the week, after 9 pm.
Of course, in her free time, the au pair can do what she wants: attend Italian course, collaborate with the school in a English project, travel, or stay at home....
As compensation, we would propose to offer you a weekly pay and then you pay for the various activities you want to do with us as a sport. We will try in every way to make you have less cost possible, paying the costs of the activities that you will play with us necessarily. For all other activities we say, optional, we will evaluate together from time to time. For example, if we decide to visit together a museum or go to the restaurant, we are happy to also pay for you. If you decide to participate in the courses of inline skating or going to the pool, the costs will be charged to you. In October and February, every year, in Biella began a course of Italian for foreigners but if you prefer we can teach us Italian (I have a degree in Italian literature). We give to Au pair a mobile phone. Your pocket money will be in advance every week: € 35 per week.
We live in a small apartment on two floors in a small house with private courtyard in the historic center of the city: there are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room and 1 living room. We have an internet connection at any time and one television. Your accommodation would be an independent room, close to that of the children, where there is a loft bed but you will have to share the bathroom with the children. In July and August, we lived in a house in the mountains, in a small village 15 minutes drive from Biella, where we stay for the whole summer.
Here you find the vid ...
and a lot a photos of the mountains in the area:

If you want speak with the girl who was au pair in my family, I give you the name and address. Write them if you want know better my family...
Rebecca Koster, from Canada
Adeline Thorpe – from England
Madeleine La Banca, from Usa
Laura Spencer, from Usa
Katie Fodera, from Usa
Emmi Tieva from Finland
Catherine Kim from Australia
Eloise Adsett from Australia
Rylee Miller from Canada
Steeven Anastase from France
Alexis Drapié from France
Tia from Scotland
Matthew from Usa
And now, a lot of question for you...
why you want to make the au pair?
Why did you choose our family?
what expectations that you have from this experience?
that interests you?
are you sports or are you sedentary?
are you neat, tidy, clean and organized management of your life/your room?
what do you like and what you do not like to do?
What do not you just want to do as an au pair?
what you eat and what not to eat?
follow a special diet?
how do you spend your free time during your stay as an au pair?
suffer from homesickness?
what kind of character you: solar, sociable etc?
make friends easily?
when you come to us and how much time you want to stop?
What else do you want to know about us?

I hope to ear news from you soon. Let me know if you are interested in and what are your availability…
If you want to see photos, please, give me your personal email.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Bye and big hugs

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