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Family alberta s.
Father´s Nationality
Mother´s Nationality
Parents age
Start date
July 14 of 2017
1-4 months
Last session
4 months ago
Contact information

Family alberta s.
Family alberta s., albinia
Italy, albinia
Family alberta s., albinia

other data

personal information
Single parent: No, our family has two parents
Father Occupation: ATM
Mother Occupation: Receptionist
Number of people living in the house: 3
Family language: Italian
Children: 1
- Boy of +10 years
Domestic help: No
We had previously AuPair: Yes
Family dietary requirements : No
Religion: Catholic and it is not important for me
Area of residence: Countryside
Property type: Flat
Number of rooms: 5
Number of bathrooms: 1
Garden: Yes
Swimming pool: No

Information about the position
Job needed: Au Pair
Hours needed: 30-40
Weekly pay: 60 EUR
Job Position: Au Pair summer season
Preferred sex Au Pair: Indifferent
Language you need: English
Experience required: Without experience
Required age range: 21 - 40
There are children with special needs: No
Smoking is allowed: No
It is necessary to take care of pets: No
Swimmers only: Yes
You need cycling: Yes
You need to know first aid: No
It is necessary to drive: Essential
You can attend language courses: No

Cover letter

Hello! I´am alberta

I would like to tell you about our family, so that you can get to know us as much as possible.

The family is composed by myself, Alberta, 45 years old, my husband Alessandro, 48, my son Riccardo,10, and our cat Luna.

Alessandro works in a food shop, Riccardo is at his forth elementary school year and I work as hotel receptionist.

Both myself and Alessandro speak English, while Riccardo knows the basics of it.
Alessandro works from 8/9 am to 1pm and again from 3 until 7/8, with one day off during the week.
I will work from 8am to 3pm or from 3pm to 9pm usually, but I have to stay longer if required.
We can guarantee one day off per week, even if it might be more than that.
We will be happy to show you our area and take you around, to taste Italian food and learn some italian, to meet our friends and enjoy the summer.

We live in Italy, in Tuscany, by the sea, in a very beautiful area, where many people come in summer to enjoy the beaches and the naturalistic beauties.

We live in a flat in the countryside, at 4 km from Albinia, the nearest village, and at 5 km from the nearest beach. The house is composed by an open space with kitchen and living room, a large bathroom and two bedrooms: as there is not a spare room, our au pair will share the room with Riccardo, as our previous au pair did. The room is quite large and Riccardo usually plays in the living room or in the garden.

We have a large garden and a little field with around 25 small olive trees.

In the same building live two other families, good neighbours.

We move around mainly by car (we have two) and we have bikes too.

At 3 km there is Albinia train station: by train, you can get to Rome in 2 hours , to Florence in 3 hours.

At 10km, there is Orbetello village, a bit bigger than Albinia, nice place.

We are looking for a girl to take care of Riccardo and teach him English. As we will be working, we will need some help with cleaning and cooking, nothing heavy or difficult, I will take care of most of it. We can organize our daily routine together, so that you can have spare time for yourself and to enjoy Italy.

We will be happy to teach you Italian, if you wish, and to show you around.

We are still in contact with our previous au pair girl, Claire, a 23 years old girl from Pennsylvania : she is now a friend and she can provide references for us, and she offered to answer any question you might have.

I think this might be enough for now ( I hope I did not exagerate), please ask us any question you have.

Riccardo would like to know if you play soccer, he really loves it!
Looking forward to hear from you,


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