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Family Liliana D.
Father´s Nationality
Mother´s Nationality
Parents age
Start date
October 1 of 2017
9 months -1 year
Last session
1 month ago
Contact information

Family Liliana D.
Family Liliana D., London
UK, London
Family Liliana D., London

other data

personal information
Single parent: No, our family has two parents
Father Occupation: Other
Mother Occupation: Other
Number of people living in the house: 3
Family language: English
Children: 1
- Girl of 5-10 years
Domestic help: No
We had previously AuPair: Yes
Family dietary requirements : No
Religion: Other and it is not important for me
Area of residence: Big city
Property type: Single family Home
Number of rooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 1
Garden: Yes
Swimming pool: No

Information about the position
Job needed: Au Pair
Hours needed: 15-30
Weekly pay: 90 GBP
Job Position: Full season Au Pair
Preferred sex Au Pair: Female
Language you need: English
Experience required: Low (0 to 100 hours)
Required age range: 18 - 29
There are children with special needs: No
Smoking is allowed: No
It is necessary to take care of pets: No
Swimmers only: No
You need cycling: No
You need to know first aid: No
It is necessary to drive: Not necessary
You can attend language courses: Yes

Cover letter

Hello! I´am Liliana
We are looking for an organised, tidy, clean, smiley, fun and positive Aupair to join us in October 2017 until July 2018.

We are looking for someone with a good command of English as she will have to communicate with the teachers sometimes and bring back the school messages. Although the Aupair is here to learn the language, basic skills are necessary to communicate during the daily life.

We only would like to hear from hard working good hearted girls who truly love children and are willing to spend active time with them. We've got a very attention demanding girl at home that drinks all our energy and gives us no rest.

We are only expecting a trustworthy, responsible and mature girl who is very aware of all the dangers that surrounds a child.

You'll be well treated, loved and respected as a family member. You'll receive as much as you give.
We will be here to support you every time you need and we are waiting for your unique touch in our daily lives.

We expect a kind and mature girl that we can trust. Someone that is not afraid of getting her hands dirty and rolling on the floor with our daughter. Someone who can become her best buddy and who our daughter can trust 100%. A girl that can protect our daughter from physical and psychological harm. A carer who's always alert and pays attention to every detail. A friend who can join into our family and bring a bright new spark of good energy.
A news reporter who tells us the little things we missed that might be important, that raises the alarm for future problems and/or reports the runny nose, the bad cough or the sad face or sometimes just tells us the silly things that happened during the day.

We expect a flexible person when the child falls sick at home or work commitments arise.

We are looking for someone who wants to join in our bad jokes who laughs in the bad days and can live with the rain.

Our daughter is 9 years old and very creative. She lives in her own little childhood world where there is no place for sadness.
She is very energetic and chatty. She loves creating and writing stories of her own, reading books watching movies and drawing and painting.
She loves to laugh, run and go around and around and round until she feels tickles in her tummy and falls dizzy on the ground. She loves all the performing arts such as singing, dancing and acting.

The father is a silly big child. He's a very creative person who can't stop his imagination. He likes everything sci-fi themed. He works long hours at home or out and about. He can be spotted sometimes lying on the sofa watching TV and behaving like a vegetable after a very long week of hard work. He is also known for saying bad and silly jokes and forgetting names and stuff in general. His brain gets kidnaped by aliens when looking at any kind of screen with moving pictures. He was born and raised in Paris until he was 13. He's French/Portuguese bilingual and has personality issues because of that!

Both parents work in the media industry so working schedules are a bit unpredictable sometimes.

The mother is just a normal mother trying to protect her daughter as much as she can. She turns into a wild beast when her daughter is not being treated fairly and with love.
She's very crazy about healthy eating, gentle parenting and creative education. She believes our children are the future of our world so teaching love and good values will make our world a better place.
She loves things organised and believes that order saves time, patience and a lot of arguments.
She values recycling, reuse, green/Eco and natural options.

We speak English at home and sometimes Portuguese when alone.

I hope to hear from you really soon.

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