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Términos y condiciones's general terms and conditions




  1. Introduction and definition of terms
  2. Access and registration to enjoy our services
  3. Services offered to all users
  4. General conditions to use's services
  5. Guarantee
  6. Liability
  7. Cancellation
  8. Agreement between User and
  9. Modification of services or of terms and conditions
  10. Privacy and protection of users' data
  11. Intellectual property
  12. Governing law and competent jurisdiction's general terms and conditions




(Conditions of use reviewed on: 08/11/2017)

Before visiting, browsing or using, User must read and accept the following General Terms and Conditions. The use by user of any of the services provided by involves the user's express acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.


For the purposes of the provisions contained in these general conditions, an individual becomes a user when using any of the services rendered by, whether or not prior registration is required.


As a general rule, in order to have access to's services, no user registration will be required. However, the use of certain services may be subject to the user's prior registration, as well as to the type of service, the pertinent payment, for which purposes the reading of the information on data protection is necessary.


1.Introduction and definition of terms offers a wide variety of support services during the entire process, as well as a series of applications and services through additional payments that facilitate the search, such as videoconferences or interpretation services. users may register for free by creating a profile, where they must introduce themselves (by filling out mandatory and optional data), in order to find an Au Pair or host family based on their criteria.

Likewise, allows contact between Au Pairs and host families who are Users, through an exchange of Standard Notices (for free and by means of pre-set templates, showing their interest to the other party), and through personal messages, online chat, or videoconferences (subject to prior payment of the pertinent subscription).

2. Access and registration to enjoy our services


General Access Conditions

Equipment (computer, software, means of communication, etc.) providing access to services shall be at the exclusive expense of User, as well as any communication costs derived from the use thereof.

Access Conditions and Free Registration

Registration is for free both for Au Pairs and host families. Any physical person may register as a host family as long as they are looking for an Au Pair to take care of one or more of their young children living on a permanent basis in the family house, and complying with the legislation of their country as regards the Au Pair programme. Moreover, any physical person over the age of 18 years old looking for a host family and complying with the legislation of the destination country may register as an Au Pair.

For registration purposes, any person interested in the services must be at least 18 years old, read and accept the Conditions of Use, Cookies Usage Policy, and Privacy Policy, and fill out every mandatory field in the registration form. Any person who is about to be 18 years old and who is looking for a host family to develop their Au Pair programme after being 18 years old are excluded from the minimum age requirement stated above. In this case, User must state that they are acting with their legal representative's consent upon registration.

User guarantees that the data provided in their profile is accurate and genuine and undertakes to immediately inform of any modification of such data and, if pertinent, they must make any necessary modifications from the profile management section. reserves the right to verify the accuracy of data in certain cases and, if necessary, to require User to submit documentation evidencing such accuracy.

Once the necessary conditions for registration have been complied with, User will receive an identification number (a number assigned automatically by “”) and a password, being as from such moment a Silver member. Such data is strictly personal and confidential, and therefore User shall not disclose or share it with third parties. reserves the right to reject or delete registrations without any prior notice and without indicating the grounds therefor.

Upgraded Conditions and Payment Registration

User may upgrade their status in order to become a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond member, and thus enjoy additional services such as sending and receiving customised e-mails addressed to and coming from any user, including Silver users, chatting online, videoconferences, interpretation services, and follow-up services, according to the selected upgrade. In order to enjoy such upgrade and all related functionalities, User must previously log in through their e-mail address and password.

After entering their personal data and choosing their upgrade and method of payment, User must validate their payment. By clicking on "Confirm payment" during the purchase process, after verifying the content of the purchase, and, if applicable, modifying it, User must accept the General Terms and Conditions.

Payments shall be made in advance and may be made through PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card, as chosen by customer.

Once payment has been confirmed, a window will show a summary of the payment order, including the purchase reference, the duration of the selected upgrade, the amount and the invoice date. Furthermore, will send a purchase receipt as soon as it is confirmed by e-mail including the main features of the service subscribed (duration of upgrade, invoicing cycle, amount and the General conditions including's contact data). reserves the right to reject or delete registrations without any prior notice and without indicating the grounds therefor.

Users excluded from access and registration

Users whose goal shall be to use Services for professional, commercial, and profitable (advertising, research, etc.) purposes shall be excluded  from access and registration with

Furthermore, Au Pair agencies, as well as their owners and employees, and competitors of, and users whose goal shall be the direct or indirect intermediation with commercial purposes regarding an au pair stay or job, including part-time and full-time jobs, shall also be excluded.

In case of registration despite the above prohibitions, reserves the right to claim damages.


3. Services offered to all users


Free services:

Only by registering with, for free, you will be a Silver Member and be able to create your profile as an Au Pair or host family, and send standard notices or add users to your favourites' list, in order to let them know you are interested.

Likewise, you will receive e-mails in the e-mail account stated upon registration with from host families or Au Pairs with their e-mail contact data, who are interested in your profile, provided that such contact is a Gold Member or higher-rank member.

When creating your profiles, Users will receive an automatic message including a link to your profile and they will be able to write you and show their interest in your profile.

For the operation to be optimal, host families, a certain time after their registration, shall make an Upgrade, reserving the right not to show profiles of host families who use services for a long period of time without making an Upgrade, whose families may be limited, either in whole or in part, as regards use of services without prior notice.

Paid “upgrade” service:

There are three different upgrades that may allow users to use the services offered by

Gold Member:

Unless you are an Au Pair, in order for you to realize videoconferences through our platform, chat online, send customised e-mails, access the chat rooms and see the users' contact details, you must register as Gold Member.


Be a Gold Member for only EUR 19,99 and have full access to all the services in our platform to find your Au Pair simply and quickly.


For a price of EUR 19,99 you will be a Gold Member during 30 days, without the need to cancel your subscription, since the once said 30-days period has elapsed, your Gold Member registration will automatically expire with no need of prior cancelation notice.


Platinum Member:

Unless you are an Au Pair, in order for you to realize videoconferences through our platform, chat online, send customised e-mails, access the chat rooms and see the users' contact details, you must register as Gold, Platinum or Diamond Member.


Be a Platinum Member for only EUR 36,99 and have full access to all the services in our platform to find your Au Pair simply and quickly.


For a price of EUR 36,99 you will be a Platinum Member during 90 days, without the need to cancel your subscription, since the once said 90-days period has elapsed, your Platinum Member registration will automatically expire with no need of prior cancelation notice.

Diamond Member:

Unless you are an Au Pair, in order for you to realize videoconferences through our platform, chat online, send customised e-mails, access the chat rooms and see the users' contact details, you must register as Gold, Platinum or Diamond Member.

Be a Diamond Member for only EUR 49,99 and have full access to all the services in our platform to find your Au Pair simply and quickly.

For a price of EUR 49.99 you will be a Diamond Member during 90 days, without the need to cancel your subscription, since the once said 90-days period has elapsed, your Diamond Member registration will automatically expire with no need of prior cancelation notice.

Registrations must not be cancelled through notice since once the period established has elapsed, registration will automatically expire, unless you indicate otherwise.

4. General conditions to use's services


Once registered, User may have access to the services available at according to their category (Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond), the general use conditions being the following:

  • User undertakes to comply with the legislation in force and to respect third parties' rights and the provisions stated in the General Terms and Conditions at
  • User will act in good faith and respect the intellectual property rights on the contents published by and other users.
  • User will define the limits of their privacy and will be responsible for communicating and other users such personal information whose disclosure shall not be deemed detrimental or private.  
  • Do not make any representations that may adversely affect third parties' rights or which shall be defamatory, offensive, obscene, violent, etc., or in general, representations or contents that may be contrary to the purposes of Services, laws, current regulations, and good customs. Any pictures, videos and any other information, data or files provided by a user to must be appropriate and refer to user exclusively.
  • Do not use services for professional, commercial, profitable (advertising, research, etc.) or non-private purposes, as well as by other Au Pair agencies, their owners and employees.
  • Use your password and user name to log in to use Services only. Communicating, disclosing, sharing, and making available to third parties your password and/or identification data shall be prohibited.
  • Users' data to which you may have access (in particular, contact data and personal messages) must be deemed confidential and shall not be published in any other place (specifically, other web pages or means of communication) and shall not be disclosed to third parties. Disclosure of contact information to other users or third parties shall be prohibited.
  • You shall not enter any contact data, links or references to other web pages in fields or text not devoted to that expressly, that is, optional fields. With respect to that, contact data shall be any suitable data to establish direct contact with a person avoiding an Upgrade. In case of noncompliance, reserves the right not to show or delete the profile, being also entitled to claim damages.
  • User must immediately inform if they want their profile to be shown to other users, on the ground of having initiated an Au Pair Programme or for any other reason.
  • User must review frequently the messages received at, answer them if deemed appropriate and file them in their own computer or any other means, since after three months following receipt thereof, is entitled to delete, without prior notice, the messages saved in the user's profile.
  • Do not send, publish, or disclose any information or content aimed at diminishing, disorganising, or preventing the normal use of Services, or at interrupting or slowing down the normal pace of communications among Users through the Services, such as software programmes, viruses, logic bombs, massive messages, etc. reserves the right to delete messages sent on a massive basis by a User in order to keep the Services' normal quality or use for other Users.


Noncompliance with the general use conditions described above shall constitute a serious breach of obligations on the part of User. Notwithstanding the provisions of article "Cancellation", in case User shall not comply with one or more of these substantial obligations, shall be entitled to terminate the agreement and shall cancel the User's account permanently and initiate any pertinent legal proceedings in case of damages, if any.


5. Guarantee

Web and Services Operation

To use the Services, User must have a computer and the necessary software and configurations for the appropriate operation of the Services: the most recent version of Internet browser, Javascript functions, acceptance of cookies in the mail account and acceptance of pop-up windows.

To use Services in a MAC, you must use Mozilla Firefox; does not guarantee the optimal operation with other browsers.

In order to use all our Services, User must have the Adobe Flash software updated, which can be downloaded at Depending on the network configuration (firewall, proxy server), it may not be possible to connect to our site.

User must have the necessary knowledge, materials and software programs to use the Internet or, if applicable, the Internet services, and User acknowledges that the features and limitations of the Internet do not guarantee the security, availability or integrity of data transmission through the Internet. does not guarantee that Services can be used if User employs a pop-window blocker, in which case it will be necessary to deactivate such blocker before using the Services. Furthermore, it does not guarantee that Services can be used if User's Internet access provider is not able to render its services correctly.

Under such conditions, shall not be responsible for the malfunctioning, impossibility of access, or bad use conditions of the webpage attributable to an inappropriate equipment, internal errors of access provider whose services are hired by User, an overload in the Internet network, or any other aspect not related to deemed a force majeure event. Thus, User is aware that based on the current development of the Internet, no services can be offered without failure. Moreover, User represents that they are aware that requested data will not always, or maybe never, be available.

In case of system failure, User shall not be entitled to demand the use of, or compensation for damages.

Services' functioning may be interrupted momentarily for maintenance, update or improvement reasons, or in order to modify its content and/or layout. To the maximum extent possible, shall inform Users in advance of any maintenance or update event.

Should failure or interruptions of services by  extend for over 48 hours, whether non-stop or accumulated within a month, upgraded Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Users shall be entitled to an extension of their subscription for an additional period equivalent to the interruption duration.

In the case of videoconferences, shall not be responsible for the malfunctioning derived from bad access conditions hired by User from its Internet provider, bad Internet connection, or overloads that may exist on the network and in the videoconference application system.

The interpretation service offered by shall be provided as stated in the Diamond member conditions; such service must be requested in advance and shall be subjected to time availability.

Information and contents provided by Users

Any information and content provided by a User to must be accurate and genuine, and shall not be responsible for the veracity of such information nor shall it be obliged to control if users' profiles adversely affect third parties' rights. In case of knowledge of breach, we will prevent such breaching user from using our web page. informs that the data published on the Internet may be copied. To the extent possible, shall do its best to avoid such fact. However, shall not be liable if data in a profile published at is copied and published somewhere else. User shall release from liability as well as from any third party's claims derived from the user's profile publication.

As regards the purpose of the service hired, does not guarantee that there are users registered with who are compatible with the search criteria established by User; likewise, does not guarantee, and shall not be liable for, the availability of Au Pairs and host families.

6. Liability


Users' information: shall not be liable for the accuracy of the information and contents provided by other Users, web visitors or the very User, or for any consequences derived therefrom. Furthermore, shall not be liable for the contents disclosed by a User which may infringe other Users' or third parties' rights.

Agreement between Users:

Every agreement executed between users shall not be's liability, so that shall not be liable for any potential damages derived from the contact between Users or the development of the Au Pair programmes agreed upon between Users  through's website. 

In furtherance of the Au Pair programmes, users undertake to take every necessary measure to avoid and mitigate any damages, in order for the Au Pair programme to be developed in the best possible conditions. informs that, through our website, only a platform is made available through which Au Pairs and host families may contact each other; does not evaluate users' profiles, whether Au Pairs or host families, thoroughly.

Therefore, shall not be liable for the veracity of any data stated by Users or for Users' compliance with their obligations under the Au Pair Programme; Users shall decide, under their responsibility, when and with which of the users they want to establish contact and reach an Agreement to develop the Au Pair Programme, this being beyond the control of, both as regards contact between Users and whether the development of the Au Pair Programme between users is carried out satisfactorily and according to the Au Pair Programme's standards.

Use of shall not be responsible for any damage or loss derived from any fraud/scam through the use of, being released from any liability for fraud or scam occurred on our website and caused by Users or third parties, Users being the sole liable parties for such actions.

However, makes a series of tips available which may be found in the “advice” section, for the purpose of avoiding such situations.

Information on Au Pair Programmes and Links

In order to facilitate the development of the Au Pair Programmes, provides users with information on the Au Pair Programme and on the conditions of some countries where the Au Pair Programmes may be developed. As regards such information, informs that the sole purpose of such information is to facilitate, to the extent possible, the Au Pair Programme's conditions to User. shall not be liable for the integrity, veracity, or accuracy of said information and shall not offer any guarantee with respect thereto. Users must get information from the pertinent authorities as to whether they are legally authorized to take an Au Pair in or if Au Pairs can travel and live as Au Pairs in the selected destination country. shall not be liable for the hypertext links that may be entered and shall exercise no control on the external sources and websites to which the hypertext links redirect; such hypertext links may be accessed from the website and have not been created by

Furthermore, shall not be liable for making links redirecting to External Sites available to Users or for the content, advertising, products, functions, services thereof or any other element available on other websites.  

7. Cancellation

Any User may cancel or deactivate their subscription by requesting the closure of their account at any time to through e-mail to, without incurring any expenses and without stating the reason therefor. Such request shall be deemed effected on the business day following the day of receipt of such account closure request. The cancellation request shall not involve any reimbursement to User for the amount pertaining to the remaining period until expiration of the hired Upgrade.

Notwithstanding the other provisions stated in these General Terms and Conditions, in case of serious breach by User, shall cancel the User's account immediately without any prior notice. Such cancellation shall have the same effect as the cancellation carried out by User. Likewise, may expel and prohibit any User not respecting strictly any of the substantial obligations set forth in these General Terms and Conditions, or in case of receiving from any User a claim for abuse or bad conduct during the fulfilment of the agreement between Users or during the development of the Au Pair Programme.


User shall receive a notice through e-mail about the cancellation or confirmation of cancellation of their account. Data relative to such User shall be destroyed when so required or upon expiration of the term period stated by law for such purposes, after cancellation of User's account.   

Deactivated profiles or profiles not used for weeks and whose Upgrade shall have expired several weeks earlier, may be deleted automatically and irrevocably. This shall also include any conversations in the message system that may exist in such profile.

8. Agreement between User and


These General Terms and Conditions shall constitute the entire agreement regulating the relationship between User and Needaupair, S.L. and it shall cancel and replace any other previous provision not expressly referred to herein and it shall comprise all the rights and obligations between and User with respect to the pertinent subject-matter.

Should any of several provisions included in these Conditions of Use shall be declared null and void by any law or regulation, or as a result of a final judgment entered by any competent jurisdiction, the other provisions shall remain valid and in force if so permitted by said judgment. Moreover, failure by any party to initiate legal actions in relation to any noncompliance with any of the provisions stated in these Conditions of Use by the other party shall not involve the first party's waiver to their right to initiate legal actions in the future for said noncompliance. may assign, whether in whole or in part, to any third parties, its rights and obligations under these General Terms and Conditions, by giving four-week prior notice.

9. Modification of services or of terms and conditions reserves the right to modify these general terms of service at any time. Modifications shall be effective a month after their introduction in the website for those users already registered, while in the case of users registered after the publication of such modifications, these shall be applicable as from their publication.

The already-registered Users, provided always that their Upgrade has not expired, may demand that the General Terms and Conditions in force at the time of their upgrade registration shall be maintained until expiration thereof.

Any User who shall have not performed any upgrade or whose upgrade shall have expired, when entering, shall check said general conditions. If, at any time, User shall not desire to accept the general conditions for the provision of the service, they shall not use the web any more.

10. Privacy and protection of users' data


The Big Au Pair Company, S.L., Tax Identification Number B87368940, located at Street Luis Alvarez Lencero, 14, 1A, 06011 Badajoz (Spain), respects the privacy rights of our web visitors according to the European and Spanish regulations on privacy and protection of personal data and, any personal data gathered through our forms or received through e-mail shall be included in a personal data file that shall be duly registered with the Data Protection Agency. Data strictly necessary for compliance with our services shall be requested and the treatment thereof shall be solely focused on the fulfilment of such aim, which is to facilitate the cultural exchange among host families and Au Pairs.

By sending data through our website, User gives their express consent to the treatment thereof, as well as, if pertinent, to the assignment to third parties for the fulfilment of our intermediation services, adopting the necessary technical and organisational measures to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of such personal data pursuant to the provisions of Organic Law No. 15/99 of December 13, 1999, on Protection of Personal Data and database.

Personal information security is very important to us, however, no system security can be guaranteed 100%. We comply with the generally accepted standards of the sector to protect personal information sent to us, both during the transmission and once received, but we cannot guarantee the security of our servers or that the information provided through our website will not be intercepted when sent through the Internet. Thus, User understands and accepts that transmission of data through the Internet occurs at their own risk.

The interested party may, at any time, request information, rectify and cancel their personal data, according to Organic Law No.  15/1999,  through an e-mail to, or mail: The Big Au Pair Company, S.L., Street Luis Alvarez Lencero, 14, 1A, 06011 Badajoz (Spain).

Treatment and Use of personal information:


When User registers with, they must provide personal data, some of which is mandatory in order to use the Services. Data required to be filled out in the form, among others, shall include: e-mail, name, surname, telephone number, information on family (parents' job, number of kids and ages, religion, age, nationality, hobbies, etc),  information on the Au Pair (languages, experience, current job, religion, age, nationality, hobbies, allergies, etc.). Additionally, users may provide further information (letter of presentation, pictures and self-introduction video).


Use of the information provided through forms is to give other's users the possibility of obtaining sufficient information to evaluate if you are the ideal Au Pair or host for them.

Besides, other non-personal data may be gathered, such as the explorer version used by User or any other user (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.), type of operating system used (Windows, Mac Os, etc.) and the User's IP address of their computer.

Upon registration, User shall automatically be registered with's content alert service, and may also be registered for the newsletter or receipt of news regarding promotions, announcements and advertising from and's partners. User may change these alerts and newsletters from the profile management sector.


Who has access to this information?

Data gathered on Users during their registration and subscription to our Services is used in order to offer them our different Services, the maximum possible measures having been taken in our database so that their data shall be filed in a safe environment. Only some of our employees will have access to Users' data and only in case of need.

Personal data provided by Users upon registration shall not be accessed by third parties or transmitted, sold or exchanged, except for their registration form data, both mandatory and optional, that may be assigned to third parties in case of a potential employment agreement and in case of paid data which shall be transmitted to payment operators in order to carry out such payment, as well as any other data that may be transmitted with User's consent.

With respect to any data provided in the registration form, some data shall be visible to all's users, while others, especially contact data (surname, full address, telephone number) shall only be visible to those users having a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond upgrade.

The e-mail address provided by every User is strictly confidential and shall remain hidden to all other users, unless you send an e-mail to another user, in which case your e-mail contact data will be provided to that user.

Cookies Policy uses cookies, cookies being text files downloaded in your PC, tablet, or mobile phone when accessing certain web pages.

Cookies are necessary for the provision of the Services hired by User on the part of and, furthermore, they allow a web page to store and recover information on navigation habits, and allow us to recognise and identify you even in case of use of different devices. Cookies are used as a security function to avoid fraudulent operations and to protect users, knowing the connection time, users' preferences; the web page's performance, things that must be modified and problems that may arise. works with other websites that may also store cookies in our users' computers. These websites are Facebook and Google Analytics.

However, User may prevent the use of cookies by modifying their browser's options.

11. Intellectual Property's brand, logotypes, graphic art, pictures, animation, videos, and text on the website and Services are The Big Au Pair Company, S.L.'s property and may not be reproduced, used or represented without The Big Au Pair Company, S.L.'s express authorization, subject to legal proceedings.


Right of use granted by to User shall be limited to a private and personal use according to the Services subscription and as long as such subscription shall be valid. Any other use on the part of User shall be prohibited, unless previously authorized by

User is hereby expressly prohibited from modifying, copying, reproducing, downloading, disclosing, transmitting, commercially exploiting and/or distributing Services, Web pages or computer codes of the elements included in the Services and Websites.

User grants a license to use their intellectual property rights  associated with the contents provided by User for the use of Services. Said license shall include, in particular,'s right to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, digitise, use Services, or assign the contents related to User (information, images, description, search criteria, etc.), either in whole or in part, in the Services (websites or through e-mail) or in campaigns through e-mail carried out by and, in general, in every electronic communication support (e-mail, SMS, MMS, WAP, Internet) used for the provision of Services.

User expressly authorises to modify the aforementioned contents in order to respect the graphic identity of Services or of any other communication support previously stated and/or to make them compatible with their technical services or with the support formats involved. Said rights shall be granted at a worldwide level as long as the General Terms and Conditions agreed upon between User and shall be in full force and effect.


User shall not copy, reproduce, or otherwise use the contents related to other Users in a manner different from that stated pursuant to the strict needs of use of Services for personal and private purposes.  



12. Governing law and competent jurisdiction


These Conditions of User shall be governed, interpreted and applied according to the Spanish legislation and the member State where User lives, as a result of European regulations governing distance sale services. The interpretation language shall be Spanish.

In case of doubt as regards the meaning of a word or provision stated in these General Terms and Conditions, User may contact through e-mail to, or mail: The Big Au Pair Company, S.L., Street Luis Alvarez Lencero, 14, 1A, 06011 Badajoz (Spain)